Youth Bank Initiatives

Program Coordinator:
Tatyana Kravchuk 

Tel.: + 38 099-11-02-51

The technology of the Youth Bank Initiative allows for quick and effective mutual understanding among generations in the community. By joining a serious business, the youth learn quickly to understand the problems and find ways to solve them. Youth Banks initiatives also provide great opportunities for youth leadership development, and allow young people themselves to overestimate the community’s priorities, influenced by responsible decision-making on those projects that should be implemented first and foremost.

Electrolector is: trolleybus city escorts, filled with stories about the history of the city of Sumy.

How to help?

Money transfer to the account:

Public fund “SUMY”
SF Privatbank
Account: 26001055021839
MFO: 337546
CODE: 39364679

In the mailbox in the Office:

Kuznechna, street 2, Sumy

2nd floor

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