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Dmitry Zinchenko
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Auto Transfered
Everyone knows what a car is: convenience, mobile, and freedom of movement. What is an automobile in the war? In the war, this is life. A life that can be saved on time! Since the beginning of 2014, a group of volunteers from the Foundation has launched the AUTO for ATO program.
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Our volunteer expeditions to the front have made it possible to assess the objective needs of the military. At that time, the main issue was related to nutrition and form, the state has already performed almost independently in most cases. The military equipment was a common effort. We have seen that there is a huge need for cars because the military URALs, ZILs and GAZs are not always effective for combat and racing tasks. Take out the wounded or sick. Promptly deliver small cargoes – ammunition, bread, drinking water. Then we decided to search and repair the old UAZ for sending to the front. UAZ – the car is strong and suitable for all types of roads, so it will be reliable and serviceable in the ATO zone. We collect funds for the purchase of cars, the purchase of the necessary spare parts and materials for repair, and our volunteer boys bring the machines in order. Our 16 UAZs, which were restored in 2016, are working in the war, bringing our victory closer. In addition, as part of this program, we started cooperation with the executive service of the Justice Department, which carries foreign cars from the site of confiscated cars. Of course, the state of cars that stood for several years at the site requires many investments, but we managed to restore four transferred cars.

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