Friends! The New Year has already crossed the threshold of every home, but the holidays continue!

That is why we decided to create a non-improvised nativity scene which you will definitely enjoy! We will celebrate New Year’s!

Intrigued? Then, feel free to write your addresses so we can show it for you and give you unforgettable emotions!

Charity Festival "Bach-fest"

The charity festival “Bach-fest” in Sumy, has gone through the night!
Orest Koval  annually inspires Sumy citizens as a cultural event. The community, in turn, fills the “Help with wounded military” box.
Thus, the volunteers of the GF “Sumy” always have the opportunity to respond in a timely manner,

A social Oscar Sumy State University. ;-)

Now we have an Oscar!

Yesterday we won the nomination “Social Innovations of community organizations “.

It is cool that the Community Foundation receives recognition within the community itself.

Thanks to all volunteers and benefactors!  This is our joint reward with you!


Show Social Theater improvisation "Varevo"

Sun, 16:00-20:00

   We invite you to "VAREVO" Smart Hub 19.11.2017 at 16-00!
   This time we have prepared surprise! This event, which decided to call "Varevo"! If ìmrovìzacìâ-is the creation of something without prior training, improvisation,

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