Computers for children

Program Coordinator:

Valentina Sakhno
Tel.: + 38 066 4819 668

It is no secret that rural schools have far less opportunities to provide quality education for children. This is especially true of the skills of using the computer and, in general, knowledge in the IT field.

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However, a full-fledged life in the modern world is impossible without such knowledge. In addition, without having the skills of effective work with the Internet, rural children are inevitable to gain knowledge and work. Meanwhile, the cost, even of a non-computer, is too large for the purchase of its school facilities. The “Computers for Kids” program was launched by the initiative group of Sumyans, under the leadership of the tireless volunteer Valentina Sakhno. The Foundation’s cooperation with the initiative group has gradually evolved into a fully-fledged, ongoing program. The essence of the activity is simple: we collect old computer equipment from people and organizations, set up, repair and transfer it to the educational institutions that need it. This program was joined by ordinary people who brought their home computers and large enterprises to the city, who, installing new equipment, passed to us used. Our foreign partners from the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada make a huge contribution to the program.


System blocks

How to help?

Donate your computer

If you want to donate your computer or the quality of his details, contact the Coordinator of the program. Together, we will determine the optimal way of cooperation and transfer of technology.

Become a volunteer

We always lacked hands and people. If you want to benefit the project-Welcome to the team!
Fill out a Google form and we will contact you.

Photo of the program

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