Help the wounded fighters

Program Coordinator:
Olga Zinchenko
Tel.: + 38 099 380 9647

Fighters who received assistance
Vyacheslav Bujnovskij (m. Krolevets) Volunteer battalion “Aydar” photo project “Winners” from TSN and Viva
We help every Sumy soldier who needs our help. Much of our work includes collecting a database of wounded fighters. Depending on the needs, we help with means, medicines, etc.
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We distribute information about fighters only by personal consent (or family consent), and at the same time, we guarantee that this person is really in need of help now! Over time, our volunteer girls met with many stories of courage and persistence of men who sometimes need trinkets. Sometimes it is a matter of restoring 70% of the body’s surface. Female volunteers became part of the families of the wounded.

How to help

Money transfer to the account:

Public fund “SUMY”
SF Privatbank
Account: 26001055020584
MFO: 337546
CODE: 39364679

Privatbank Card

5169 3305 0727 2141
(receiver-Tovstukha Anna Viktorovna,
Chairman of the Board for “public fund” SUMY “)

In the mailbox in the Office:

Sumy st. Kuznechna 2.

2nd floor

Photos of the program

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