Smart hub

What is a smart hub?

A smart hub is 100 square meters of open space in the city center of Sumy, where events are regularly held to develop the city and its inhabitants. Social projects, civic initiatives and many other meetings take place here!


What does Hab need?

We strive to improve the premises for any social measures

🔹 Light and water
🔹 Storage furniture
🔹 50 chairs
🔹 Desks for workshops or training
🔹 scene for performances
🔹 tea and coffee
🔹 projector, presenter
🔹 Flip-chart (Board for seminars, training)
🔹 camera, tripod and microphone for recording
🔹 Active community that seeks to develop our city
Needed in the Hub:
🔸 Wired hangers
🔸 Wi-Fi hotspot with the possibility of connecting as many users as possible
🔸 Printer with the ability to print in color (announcements of events, handouts, etc.)
🔸 Sound amplifiers (speakers, speakers, etc.)
🔸 Microphones (normal, navušnì, etc.)
🔸 Light on the scene
🔸 Air conditioning is our dream for next summer
🔸 Funds for the maintenance of premises (utility payments, cleaning, etc.)

How to help

Money transfer to the account:

Public fund “SUMY”
SF Privatbank
Account: 26009055013429
MFO: 337546
CODE: 39364679

Privatbank Card

5169 3305 0727 2141
(receiver-Tovstukha Anna Viktorovna,
Chairman of the Board for “public fund” SUMY”)

In the mailbox in the Office:

Kuznecna str. 2, Sumy
2nd floor

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