about the work of the fund for 2015

2015 was the year of challenges and opportunities for our fund. Our team grew rapidly, the budget of the organization increased, responsibility increased, but most importantly all this contributed to incredible results. During the year, five new programs were opened; four major promotions, one auction, six fairs and many other events were added to the fund as a partner.

We would like to note that during the year, many people and organizations turned to the fund for a charitable fundraising procedure – “that everything was” according to the rules. For us, it is a sign that the Sumy community has increased the level of trust in the fund that makes us happy and precisely does not allow us to relax. 🙂

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Program reports

Help the wounded

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We help every Sumy soldier who needs our help. Our work includes collecting a base of wounded fighters and, depending on needs, we help with the means, medicines, and others. We distribute information about a fighter only with personal consent (or family consent), and at the same time, we guarantee that this person is really in need of help! During our work, our volunteers are met with many stories of courage and perseverance of men who needed sometimes trinkets, and sometimes it was a matter of restoring 70% of the body’s surface…

Female volunteers often help families of the wounded who need constant care and help the guys from a psychological point of view.

Photo 2

In 2015, we provided targeted financial assistance for the treatment of 47 troops mobilized from Sumy region. We also helped the Dnipropetrovsk hospital’s medicines, where there were many Sumy fighters in 2015.

How did we collect the money

Special thanks to the people who sent the funds to the fund account! Thank you to everyone involved and look forward to your support in the future.

Program Coordinator:
Olga Zinchenko
Tel.: + 38 099 380 9647

Auto for ATO

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Everyone knows that the cars are a convenient, mobile, and offer freedom of movement. In addition, what is an automobile in the war? – In the war, this is life. A life that can be saved on time! Since January 2015, a group of volunteers of the Foundation has launched the AUTO for ATO program. Our volunteer expeditions to the front made it possible to assess the objective needs of the military. At that time, the main quest for nutrition and form, the state already performed almost independently. Yes, and the military equipment was in common effort.

We have seen that there is a huge need for cars, because the military URALs, ZILs and GAZs are not always effective for combat and racing tasks. To take out the wounded or sick, to deliver promptly small cargoes – ammunition, bread, drinking water, medicines. Then we decided to search and repair the old UAZ for sending to the front.

The cost of the program “Auto for ATO”
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UAZ – the car is strong and suitable for all types of roads, so it will be faultless in the ATO zone. We collect funds for the purchase of cars, the purchase of the necessary spare parts and materials for repair, and our volunteer boys bring the machines in order. Our 16 UAZs, restored in 2015, are now working in the war, bringing our victory closer. In addition, as part of this program, we started cooperation with the executive service of the Justice Department, which carries foreign cars from the site for confiscated cars. Of course, the state of cars that stood for several years at the site requires many investments, but we managed to restore four cars.

381,522.34 UAH was spent for the repair of 16 UAZs during the 2015 year
The name of the car Amount of the cost Receipients When transferred
UAZ 452 Lek 18082.34 UAH. 92 brigade of the Armed Forces April 2015
UAZ 469 36 400 UAH. The «Pravyi sector» April 2015
UAZ 469 26 340 UAH. Bat. “Kyiv-1” May 2015
UAZ 452 32 890 UAH. 17th Panzer Brigade May 2015
UAZ 452 27 300 UAH. 27th art.brigade May 2015
UAZ 469 23 100 UAH. 27th art.brigade June 2015
UAZ 469 18 800 UAH. 93th art.brigade June 2015
UAZ 469 21 920 UAH. 27th art.brigade June 2015
UAZ 452 Lek 13 900 UAH. 27th art.brigade July 2015
UAZ 469 38 200 USD. 27th art.brigade July 2015
UAZ 469 17 480 UAH. 17th Panzer Brigade July 2015
UAZ 469 11 200 UAH. 81st engineering crew of the ARMED FORCES August 2015
UAZ 469 26 110 UAH 27th art.brigade September 2015
UAZ 469 31 860 UAH. 128th art.brigade October 2015
UAZ 452 15 400 UAH. 27th art.brigade October 2015
UAZ 469 22 540 UAH. baht. “Donbass” Nationale Guard December 2015

Other expenses of the program


By 2015, we repaired 4 cars worth 108 655.29 UAH . and transmitted:

  • Rota special purpose “Sumy” – 2 cars
  • 25 AMBr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – 1 car
  • Sumy border detachment – 1 car

At the trial copy of the armored car was spent – 276 525 UAH . In December 2015, it was transferred to the 58th Army Brigade of the Armed Forces and performs military tasks there.


For the repair of military equipment 27 artillery brigades during the year 2015 was spent 119773,40 UAH.

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The management of the state executive service of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Sumy region was handed over to us, for the year 2015, 7 vehicles for repair and transfer to the military. 4 cars were transferred, 3 cars are in repair.

Special thanks to all our benefactors, who brought a variety of goods, parts and materials needed for repair!

Program Coordinator:

Dmitry Zinchenko
Tel.: + 38 095 76 19 103

Support for 58th Brigade

Receipts, UAH
Costs, UAH
The balance, UAH

At the beginning of 2015, the formation of the 58th Motorized Army Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began in the Sumy region. Before the Sumy community, the question was the placement of a military unit, and it was decided to repair barracks in the village. Radivka At that time, the premises were not used since the Soviet era, and were in poor condition. Large industrial enterprises and construction companies in Sumy responded to this problem.
One of the companies – JSC “Nasosenergomash” has agreed to provide significant financial assistance in the amount of 4 million UAH. Representatives of the company and the regional authorities requested the Fund to administer these funds. It was also agreed that part of the funds would be spent on construction work, part on other needs of the military unit (field camp equipment, repair of motor vehicles, purchase of materials, etc.), and from this amount funds were allocated to the program “AUTO for ATO”.

Purchase of spare parts for military equipment

Electric goods for the field camp

Other expenses (working suits, barbed wire, etc.)

Now, fighters of the 58th OMBR carry the military guard on a line of separation with the occupied territories, protecting our land. But after rotation, they will return to the renovated premises and will stand for the protection of peace in our area.

Thanks to the enterprises of Sumy region for the support!

Program Coordinator:

Alex Takul
Tel.: + 38 095 2421 420

Get a first aid kit for a soldier

Receipts, UAH
Costs, UAH
The balance, UAH

Soldiers stay alive with the help of first aid kits (they stop bleeding and take off the shock). With these kits, they will benefit immensely by using the “correct” medical first aid kit (tactical first aid kit) and knowledge! Unfortunately, the Ministry of Defense does not provide quality first aid kits. You can of course complain about the Ministry, but we decided to help our boys on their own. Everyone to whom we pass the first-aid kit receive special training from our specialists.

One first-aid kit with a minimum set costs about $100! It seems expensive for a first aid kit, but is it a high cost for a soldier’s life?

The program was supported by Ukrainians from abroad (Kuwait, Spain, Holland, USA, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Germany). Ukrainians from abroad for the period of the program’s transfer to the purchase of medicines were UAH 19850. Our foreign friends made a huge contribution to medicines, expensive scarce components, without which we would not be able to form such a first-aid kit. If we had to buy it in Ukraine then we would have spent at least 400 000 hryvnias.

Receiving assistance under the program
For the year 2015, 280 first aid kits were transferred

Program Coordinator:

Vladimir Bogdanov
Tel.: + 38 095 6012 616

Sumy run

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The balance, UAH

Watching the increase in the number of runners in Sumy, we saw a problem with the lack of suitable places for occupations. In Sumy, there are just a few places where you can choose a convenient jog route: mostly it is a problem with the coverage and lighting of the tracks. A group of our activists decided to start a program for the development of running infrastructure in our city. The first track was chosen around Lake Cheka.

On September 20, 2015, within the framework of the program, the first action was held – a run of 5 km, in which over 100 Sumyans took part. It was a charity event and all contributions collected by the participants were used to illuminate the treadmill around the lake. They installed 6 lanterns and illuminated 300 m of the racetrack.

And this is just the beginning! In cooperation with local authorities, we plan to gradually equip the running infrastructure in different parts of our city.

As part of the program, in 2015, six lanterns were installed around Lake Cech.

Program Coordinator:

Anna Tovstukha
Tel.: + 38 066 280 4943

Computers for children

System blocks

It is known that rural schools have considerably less opportunities to provide quality education for children. This is especially true of the computers skills and in general, knowledge of the IT field. A full-fledged life in the modern world is impossible without such knowledge. Meanwhile the cost, even of a non-computer, is too large for the purchase of its school facilities.

The “Computers for Kids” program was launched by the initiative group of Sumyans under the leadership of Volunteer Valentina Sakhno. The Foundation’s cooperation with the initiative group has gradually evolved into a fully-fledged, ongoing program. The essence of the activity is simple: we collect old computer equipment from people and organizations, set up, repair and transfer it to the educational institutions that need it. This program involved as ordinary people who brought their home computers, as well as large enterprises of the city, who, by installing a new technique, passed on to us. Our foreign partners from the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada made a huge contribution to the program in 2015.

Distribution of computers to educational institutions and other institutions

Donor Name Recipient
Diaspora in Canada 15 system blocks 15 monitors, 9 keyboards, 532 books Donetsk National University
5 system blocks, 5 monitors Community institution Okhtyrka RCBS»
1 system unit, 2 monitor The Sumy orphanage. S. P. Suprun
Individuals 2 keyboards, 2 mice, 2 monitor Herasymivsky SCHOOL Secondary schools of the Romny district
Frunze Plant 1 system unit, 3 monitors, 3 mice, 3  keyboards Herasymivsky SCHOOL Secondary schools of the Romny district
Individuals 3 monitors Kindergarten, a museum village, paramedic and obstetric station to the village of Grabovske Krasnopolskogo district
Frunze Plant 3 system unit,2 keyboards, 2 mice Kindergarten, a museum village, paramedic and obstetric station to the village of Grabovske Krasnopolskogo district
Also, the Canadians  helped our military  using the technical equipment  5 system blocks, 5 monitors, 5 keyboards Military unit A1476
2 system blocks, 2 monitors State border guard service of Ukraine
5 system blocks, 5 monitors PE Mishakov A. M. for testing and repair with subsequent transmission to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Program Coordinator:

Valentina Sakhno
Tel.: + 38 066 4819 668

Family of heroes

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Costs, UAH
The balance, UAH

In the country, for the second year, a war lasts for children – parents, wives – husbands, mothers – sons … In this war, Sumy lost 37 true patriots of Ukraine by the end of 2015. We had no right to leave the families of the dead alone with their grief.

The Foundation’s volunteers began working with the heroes’ families after the first losses in 2014. It is difficult to understand the needs of people who are in a state of grief, but one must start with simple things: genuine compassion and respect for the actions of every soldier. Gradually, the professional psychologists joined the volunteer group, and further legal support was needed. Ordinary help at the house is also needed; to fixing gates, bringing wood and repairing locks…

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Joint trips to places of interest of in Ukraine were also planned. These include excursions and gifts for children. The main thing, however is that we succeeded in “uniting the family into a community in which everyone is ready to support the other.” We started with regular coffee meetings Sunday, and now we have many stories of courage worthy of the seven heroes. Now, under our care, 35 families, which we “united into a single” Seven Heroes. These people, along with our organization are now inspired by hot energy and indifference. For example, Svetlana Atamanyuk, in one of our fund programs, was collecting medicines at work, bringing funds and helping himself to form medicine kits, investing in it, besides medicine, love, care and prayers. Nadia Stepanets made significant funds for the program “A brave heart must fight” with the words: “If my husband had such a first-aid kit, he would be alive now.” Irina Lisovenko, who has two young children and who had lost her husband, organized a collection of medicines in the place of residence, constantly collects funds and transfers necessary for ATO fighters. This is not a unique story. People who did not break up and in spite of grief, found the strength to fight and continue the struggle of their sons, brothers, men.

At the request of the families of the victims of the Public Foundation, the project of the Heroes Memorial was initiated at the burial site at the Central Cemetery of Sumy. An agreement has been reached with the city leadership on support and funding. Families together discussed sketches of monuments, joined the territory planning.

The opening of the memorial is scheduled for 2016.

Program Coordinator:

Vadim Dubodelov
Tel.: + 38 050 400 8702

Information Center ATO fighters


After returning from the advanced fight, they need special support from both the state and society, demobilized soldiers need a new social adaptation. The first wave of demobilization has shown a number of problems. These were the same people we used to give away advanced products to. Now they need assistance in arranging benefits, medical and psychological rehabilitation, establishing communication with the bureaucratic system. As it turned out, society is not ready to accept demobilized warriors, and state bodies have very inflexible mechanisms for responding to their needs.

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In June 2015, together with the Oblast Employment Center, we opened an Information Center for Supporters of the ATO in Sumy. Over the course of the reporting year, more than 1,000 fighters with diverse questions asked to us. The Center fruitfully cooperates with the authorities to solve the problems of the demobilized. A special co-ordination council has been set up at the ODA, which includes both administration officials and volunteers of our Foundation. Thus, we help not only fighters, but also authorities to adjust their work to an individual approach to each demobilized soldier. Understanding that the psychological state of fighters needs more attention from the authorities and society is an important achievement of this direction of work. Now the Center works like a convenient “entry point” for everyone who comes back from the front, and for every seven who are waiting for the hero at home.

In 2015, the Center recorded more than 1,000 hits

Program Coordinator:

Vadim Dubodelov
Tel.: + 38 050 400 8702

Promotions conducted by the fund

Collect the child to the school

The children are taken to school

Helping the hard-willed fighters – people’s money, medicine, words of condescension – we never be left out of their families. It is understood that when the Tattoo continued to be treated, the family saves everything, most of our defenders are overwhelmingly from ordinary, not very wealthy families. So we called on our fellow countrymen to do a lot: to bring the office, the wards, the school uniform and the textbooks from which their children grew.

Gifts for the children of the fighters

Collected gifts

On the eve of the New Year, we called on the residents of the city to collect gifts for children of all the soldiers in the ATO zone. In two weeks, the schnaps were filled with sweets and more than 600 gifts for the little ones.

For two weeks, the office of the Public Fund “Sumy” became an official representative of Ukrainian Dad Nikolai. Girl volunteers personally called in every family, invited the little ones to receive gifts.

promotion «cheese»

Transmitted a kilogram of cheese

Almost 23.4 tons of smuggled cheese products, seized by Sumy Customs DFS on the Ukrainian-Russian border, were sent through the Sumi Public Foundation for further transportation to the ATO zone.

Cheese was transmitted throughout Ukraine. Volunteer organizations, hospitals, and military units of the following cities helped with the transmission: Mariupol, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Romny, Sumy, Kiev, Artemivsk, Guards, Kherson, Slavyansk, Vinnitsa, Kurakhovo, Belaya Tserkov, Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zhytomyr.

Amulets for heroes

Presented by amulets

Two Kyiv activists, an antique collector, Andriy Boyechko and a jeweler, Dmitry Shcherbakov, embodied the idea and created a pendant in the form of a trident for celebrating the fighters with the Order of the National Hero .

Sumy citizens brought various jewelry and thanks to it, in 2015, the Sumy Fund received 20 trinkets in the form of a trident. We were presented to our Sumy fighters who were injured, or showed themselves in the ATO.

Fund management

Receipts, UAH
Costs, UAH
The Balance, UAH

Any organization needs to spend on administering its activities. Unlike informal volunteer groups, the Sumy Public Foundation reports not only to the community but also to the state, therefore it has high-quality accounting and timely submission of fiscal reports. In addition, as an organization, we carry the cost of banking services, office expenses, payment of taxes on employees’ wages, and so on.

By the Minutes No. 3 dated March 16, 2015, the Management Board meeting decided to hold 2% of the administrative expenses from funds received from the fund. This gave us the opportunity to rent a room in 2015 and hire an administrator, accountant and psychologist, and at the end of the year, it was decided to announce the competition for the position of executive director. This created conditions for the transparent work of the fund and strengthened the trust in our activities

In the process of using funds, the balances on the accounts were deposited, which contributed to the further development of the organization. The income received from the deposit allowed our team to focus on charity programs, rather than looking for funds for the office, internet and stationery payments next month.

In addition to the administrative costs, we include training the fund team and the purchase of office equipment. This helped us with the cooperation with IDAR “Unity”, which works in the field of development of community funds in Ukraine. In 2015, we have been attracted from the ICAR “Jednya” targeted business development grants for the amount of UAH 17,663.72. This allows us to increase the efficiency of the fund and even print this report.

Revenues and expenses in the administration of the Fund



International organizations 176693.72 Banking services 583.29
Administrative fee 85325.06 Educational programs  104993.72
Deposits 143, 579,78 Salaries and taxes 76817.42
Charitable contributions 16024.30 Office expenses 35629.22
Technical equipment  71700.00
Total 421,622.86 Total 289,723.65

Funds trust in the management of the fund

2015 brought to our Foundation a unique experience in administering funds transferred to trust management. It was a big challenge and a great responsibility.

In the beginning of the year, the formation of the 58th OMB in the Sumy region was started. The issue of deploying a military unit, repairing equipment and providing other needs was a challenge for the entire community. Several constructions and industrial enterprises of the city have volunteered to undertake this business together, performing work on the construction of a barracks.

  • 58th Brigade (UAH 3,308,102.35)
  • Auto for ATO (611 897.65 UAH)
  • Admin expenses (80 000 UAH)

And other enterprises helped financially. In particular, JSC “Nasosenergomash” has agreed to provide significant financial assistance in the amount of 4 million UAH. Representatives of the company and the regional authorities requested the Fund to administer these funds. The decision of the Foundation Board to ensure the transparency of spending these funds was established by the observation committee of local journalists. Now, the fighters of the 58th OMBR carry the military guard on the line of separation with the occupied territories, but after rotation, they will return to the renovated premises and will defend the peace in our region.

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