about the work of the fund for 2016

It happens … you exhale morally and fall from the last strength, think everything is enough, and then suddenly the boy rushes, takes his hands and whirled with you in the street. Smiling, looking into your eyes and saying the words that will charge you for another year to do incredible things: – Thank you for the first-aid kit, you saved my friend’s life! Lifesaving was the main goal when I formed the first first-aid kit and sent it to the front. The war took a lot, but also gave a lot: friends, brothers and sisters, a job I love and proud of, a great team of those energetic and daring who are not afraid to take responsibility. I’m constantly inspired by the people we helped and those who come to help. We are indebted to the people who have supported us with their indifference – your help gives reason to hope, that the envisioned country of the future has become one-year closer! Special thanks to the Fund’s volunteers and partners for the love of the city and tough work together!

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