about the work of the fund for 2017

French sociologist Alexis de Tocqueville, traveling in the nineteenth century through the United States, noted the Americans’ great propensity to create clubs, societies and other civic associations designed to solve certain social problems. Americans created associations to fight poverty, build churches, distribute books, and help the sick. Tocqueville saw in this guideline that he would solve his own problems with a great deal of perspective and believed that thanks to him, the United States would have a great future. Time has shown that where Tocqueville was not mistaken.
Unfortunately, the Ukrainian history of functioning public organizations was brutally interrupted in the last twenty years of the previous century, when the state became monopolist in everything and did not want to share its power, although it could not boast of efficiency. In the Soviet system, the citizen was assigned only the role of the complainant, who should pay attention to the state on their own problems. The Soviet Union has not been there for a long time, but still a significant number of citizens see their participation in solving certain problems, only as complainants.
However, there are positive bias. The charitable organization Sumy Community Foundation, for the past four years has enabled the Sumy citizens to unite their efforts and solve the problems of the city together without waiting for the reaction of the authorities. Of course, the Foundation cannot solve everything; however the fund provides a positive experience for hundreds of citizens who, from silent observers or complainants, turn into agents of change for the better. I believe that it is this experience, together with successful projects of the Foundation will accumulate and change our city for the better.


Structure of earnings for reporting period

  • Target financing - 921766,89 грн.
  • Grants - 576577,95 грн.
  • Social order - 140428,30 грн.
  • Business partners contributions - 38030 грн.
  • 5% - 27064,39 грн.
  • Deposit% - 85013,86 грн
Total receipts, UAH

Cost structure for reporting period

  • Target financing - 786250,77 грн.
  • Grants - 576577,95 грн
  • Social order - 140428,30 грн
  • Administrative cost - 150099,48 грн
Total expenses, UAH

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